• BSRF

  • 제조국 : Made in France


기능 및 특성

  • Duplex Station (TX: 2 coax, 2 fibers/ RX: 1 coax, 2 fibers)
  • ADH-400 is an hybrid duplex station allowing both transmission and reception signals carriage through fiber optics, it also features direct coax input and output. ADH-400 perfectly matches with wireless intercom base stations such as RTS BTR700/800/80.
  • For transmission section, ADH-400 allows sending RF signal to an OpticalCon Duo fiber output and directly to a nearby coax antenna. For reception section, ADH-400 can combine one fiber and one coax inputs to one output.
  • ADH-400 works with a duplex remote antenna box AFB-450 (TxRx) through a single OpticalCon Duo connector
  • Output RF power at the AFB-450 side can be set with potentiometer on the front of the ADH-400 for the two channels (not showed on the obsolete picture).

Technical Data


  • Bandwidth : 100-1000MHz
  • RF input power : min. 30 mW, max. 500 mW
  • RF in/out insertion loss : 2 dB Typ.
  • RF inputs : 2 x BNC 50 ohms
  • RF direct outputs : 2 x BNC 50 ohms
  • Optical outputs : 1 x Neutrik OpticalCon Duo APC 1310nm / optional 2nd optical outpu


  • Bandwidth : 470-800MHz
  • DC feed : 12V/200mA
  • Supply : 110-220V
  • Dimensions : 435 x 250 x 43 mm
  • Weight : 3,1 Kg