Filtered Amplifier


  • BSRF

  • 제조국 : Made in France


기능 및 특성

  • Filtered amplifier with fail-safe
  • FA-1 is a filtered amplifier that enhance RF performance of your RF equipments when facing RF interference (walkies,DECT, WIFI, GSM/4G, bases intercom…). Selectable gain steps: +6/+9/+12dB to compensate loss in coaxial cable. BP position (BYPASS) route signal only through filter, thus with no gain. FA-1 is powered through DC-feed from an antenna splitter (like AS-62/AS-122) our direcltly from a rackmount receiver with this feature.
  • Thanks to the fail safe, if no power is available, the FA-1 works in bypass mode.
  • At last the FA-1 allows the supply to go trough itself for special configurations.
  • The FA-1 is available in 4 standard 50MHz block and in custom
  • The FA-1 is delivered with BNC (Male for input and female for output) but it can be fitted with N and more (custom).
  • Made with machined aluminium, highly recyclable material.

Technical Data

Bandwidth : • 470-520MHz

  • 520-570MHz
  • 570-620MHz,
  • 620-670MHz
  • CUSTOM : you can specify bandwidth and center frequency.

Gain Steps : +6/+9/+12dB